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Test your knowlege on this beatles trivia page

John is the oldest beatle True False

George is the youngest True False

Hey Jude was named after Julian Lennon True False

George,Paul and John's old band was the working men True False

Please Please me was their first album True False

The first song that Paul played lead guitar in was Yesterday True False

Let It Be was their last True False

John's first book was "In his own Write" True False

Paul Was in a band called Planes after True False

Ringo was known to have a Zepher Zodiac True False

The Ny. Mets still Play at Shea Stadium True False

John died in 1980 True False

in 1989 George joined the Travelling Blueberries True False

George wrote: "I'm Happy just to dance with you" True False/

The all-beatles station Fab105 is located in Oakland, CA True False

The Beatles split up in 1970 True False

Ringo got married to Barbra Bach in 1982 True False

Paul's wife's name is Linda True False