All of the fuss over the new Beatlemania!

The Beatles have definatley come back to take the world by storm these past few years. Why? Well, I will tell you in the next couple of minutes.

Today, the Beatles sales on their three anthology double albums are astronomical. They have sold almost as many copies of the three anthology albums as most of their albums combined. Why is this? Well, many baby boomers who had the Beatles as teen idols still really like the Beatles and all of their music. The anthology is their type of album; never before heard versions of their old hits, and all new releases. This gives the person buying the album what they want; Hits, and new stuff.

Many teens today are also in to the Beatles and their music, maybe because they are just plain good, but the release of the anthology albums gives the teens something new; a new sound, or to say an old sound---------

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