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The Beatles have put out some great albums and singles. I, personally, don't have a favourite, but Revolver, Rubber Soul, Help, A Hard Days Night, Let it Be, and Abbey Road. Don't take me wrong though, ALL of the beatles' albums and singles are great.



This album is starting of their phsycadelic phase. The Beatles released this in 1964 and has some great tracks on it like:I'm only sleeping, Yellow submarine,g Good day sunshine, Tommorow never knows etc., This album is one of my personal favourites, and check out George's song. It has a great sitar part.


A Hard Day's Night

A Hard Day's Night is a very hilarious movie that includes some great tracks like: A Hard Days Night, I Should Have Known Better, Just to Dance With you, And I Love Her, Can't Buy Me Love, etc., It is like a day in the life with the beatles. I really like this movie, so rent it sometime!