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As you know, there are thousands of beatles sites in the world-wide web. (Ans I found when I for the first time searched magellan for the beatles) Here, I am willing to share some with you. (If you want to put a link to my site, e-mail THE APPLE SCRUFFS Is one of the best pages on the web. It is also specially designed for younger fans, but even if you are not one, you can still hop on by!

HANA's BEATLES WEBSITE Is also designed by a younger fan who has a giant enough passion to write a whole web page about it.

JASE AND JENN's MOVIE AND MUSIC STUFF is amazing for a new page! I reccpmend checking it out, soon it will have beatles stuff.

YET ANOTHER BEATLES PAGE by Robyn Saunders is a new page on the beatles. It will soon be very good, but she just started now.

THE INTERNET BEATLES ALBUM is got to be one of the best pages out there on the Beatles. Practically everywhere you look there it is in the links section.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE BEATLES!!! is a great page devoted to the fabbest four in the world.

STEVE CLIFFORD's BEATLES PAGE is one of the best out there aswell!!! It has many inter- esting articles, for all of those article fans, out there.

PEPPERLAND PHOTO ARCHIVES How many more pics of the fab four can you find on the web??? This has got to be the best picture site i've seen in my life!!!