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About the webmaster

Ken Gildner (The owner of this site, and usually called Rocky Racoon by his friends or web-friends) is a really nice guy. No, Really he is. Well, I wouldn't want to think too much about myself, so I'll get to the topic. He was born In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where he still resides. He never says his age to other webers. Clue!!! Ken was born in the early 1980's, that's right, the early 1980's!!! Clue!!! Now that you have a hint of my age, I will get on with the story.. He started to like the Beatles when his dad was watching the t.v. anthology on ABC, and He took an Immidiate liking to them. Now he has most of their cds, most of their albums, and still loves them. His room is decorated with beatles stuf from posters to calenders. Ken has died blonde hair, is somewhere stuck in the 5 foot range, and might die his hair back to his natural color (reddish-brown). He has greenish-blueish-brownish eyes. In early september, he started a webpage on the beatles. It was very bad, but after months of planning, bad and good HTML, he came up to the page that he has now. Visit his Tornado page!!!