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IS PAUL DEAD??? This is a question that has been bothering us for years. In the following pictures, you may be able to crack the case... IS or IS NOT Paul MacCartney Dead???

1. On the cover of Yesterday...and Today, "Paul" sits in a trunk. Turn it sideways, and he seems to be in a coffin.

2. On the cover of Revolver, "Paul" is turned to the side, as if he doesn't really fit in.

3. On the cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, a hand is held directly over "Paul's"head. This is supposed to be a symbol of death.

4. On the same cover, "Paul's" bass is laid on flowers atop a coffin. (Notice that there are only three strings onthe bass, signifying that there are only three remaining Beatles.)

5."Paul" is also holding a black musical instrument

6. On the inside of the cover, "Paul" wears a black arm band with the letters OPD, which is a Canadian acronym for Officially Pronounced Dead.

7. On the back cover, "Paul's" back is turned to the camera.

8. Also on the back cover, the lyrics "Without You" (part of the title "Within You and Without You") bloom from "Paul's" head. [And George is pointing at the lyrics "Wednesday morning at five o'clock"; the time of Paul's death. -jcs]