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PABLO FANQUE'S CIRCUS ROYAL Town-Meadows, Rochdale Grandest Night of the Season! and positively the LAST NIGHT BUT THREE! being for the BENEFIT OF MR.KITE, (late of Well's Circus) and Mr. J. Henderson, the celebrated somerset-thrower! Wire dancer, vaulter, rider, etc. On TUESDAY Evening, February 14, 1843 Mssrs. Kite and Henderson, in announcing the following Entertainments ensure the Public that this Night's Production will be one of the most splendid ever produced in this Town, having been some days in preparation. Mr. Kite will, for this night only, introduce the celebrated HORSE ZANTHUS! Well known to be one of the best Broke horses IN THE WORLD!!! Mr. HENDERSON will undertake the arduous Task of THROWING TWENTY-ONE SOMERSETS, on the solid ground. Mr. KITE will appear, for the first time this season, On The Tight Rope, When Two Gentlemen Amateurs of this Town will perform with him. Mr. HENDERSON will, for the first time in Rochdale, introduce his extraordinary TRAMPOLINE LEAPS and SOMERSETS! Over Men & Horses, through Hoops, over Garters and lastly through a Hogshead of REAL FIRE! In this branch of the profession Mr. H challenges THE WORLD!